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    Life cycle of Java CFX tags

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      Life cycle of Java CFX tags
      A new instance of the Java CFX object is created for each invocation of the Java CFX tag. This means that it is safe to store per-request instance data within the members of your CustomTag object.

      If you run the attached, the output is:

      num message isOdd
      2 InputCounter=2 false
      3 InputCounter=3 true
      4 InputCounter=4 true
      5 InputCounter=5 true
      6 InputCounter=6 true
      7 InputCounter=7 true
      9 InputCounter=9 true
      11 InputCounter=11 true
      13 InputCounter=13 true

      If a new instance is created for each invocation, then the initial value of isOdd should be false. So why does <cfx_test inputCounter="4"> return true and not false? What am I missing?