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    Apple ID & Adobe App

    Tiphoni97 Level 1

      I downloaded Adobe app using an Apple ID I can no longer access. This means I can not update the app. I have tried countless times. I decided to save all docs to the cloud, delete the app, then download it again using my new Apple ID. However, it remembers the old Apple ID it was originally downloaded under and is requesting that old password.

      (Before we all jump to go "forgot password" and "use email retrieval," the email address I use many years ago is missing the "c" in .com, so I can't get an email. And, I do not know what influence I was under when answering those security questions, because I can't answer one correctly for the Apple CSR to assist with an unlock.)

      Thanks in advance!

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          derek lau @ adobe.com Adobe Employee

          hi tiphoni97,


          May I suggest you to try the followings,

          1. On the device, tap "Settings"->"iTune & App Store"

          2. Look at the "Apple ID:" to see if the old Apple ID is there. If it is, tap on it and tap "Sign Out"

          3. Tap "Sign In" and provide the new Apple ID and password to continue to sign in


          Now, retry to download Adobe App to see if you can install it.


          Hopefully, it works for you.

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            Tiphoni97 Level 1

            Ahhhhhhhh!! Geniuse!!!! I thought for sure the correct Apple ID was there since I could not log in to it. But sure enough, the stupid old ID was in there. I changed it as you suggested (with a few eye rolls, because I thght I'd done that already) and it worked! I'm back in business with the updated app!! THANK YOU!

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