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    Unable to match photos to tracklog

    martint1336015 Level 1

      I recently came back from holidays and have a set of photos and tracklogs that I would like to match. I have done this procedure once before, with a different set of photos and tracklogs and was able to add the location data to the photos, but somehow now I can't get it to work...


      I have put a photo and tracklog in a dropbox link:

      Dropbox - Lightroom


      I have Lightroom 6.9 (standalone version). The tracklog and photo are from 11-03-2017.

      When I load the tracklog in Lightroom, I see that the start and end of the track are 09.00-11.32 (opening LR in CET timezone). When I look at the datetime of my photo in LR it says 11-03-2017 10:23:37. Based on this I would say it should find a match, but when I select "Select photos in tracklog", LR shows the response that 0 have been selected.


      I have also played with the timezone difference settings, but to no success.


      I must be missing something here. Any help appreciated.