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    Lightroom 6 (not cc) not installing on MacBook Pro with OSX10.12


      Hello everyone,


      I decided to upgrade to LR6 standalone from LR5. I've read that LR6 would not work with OSX 10.9 Mavericks so I first did a long-overdue update to Sierra 10.12 (after backing up to Time Machine of course).


      I paid and downloaded the upgrade and provided the previous LR5 code.  I tried to install using the *.dmg file, without having any other apps open at the time, but all I get is a box stating: "Your installation encountered errors. Installer failed to initialise. This could be due to a missing file".


      There is no error code.


      I tried restarting the laptop and redownloading the software - no luck. (LR5 seems to continue working just fine)


      Any ideas? Many thanks!


      (I'm not a highly experienced Mac user but I'll find my way to a file or folder if I need to look for / delete something).