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    Painterly effect- if thats what it is


      Hi there i am looking to create an effect n photoshop and lightroom I've tried also sorts and really cant find the way to create this type of effect. Please advise.17017223_1843004912614061_1782336578593071813_o.jpeg

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          I don't see use of any particular effect.


          It looks to be a well lit portrait. It has been processed to be "warm" then slightly de-saturated. Some softness may have been introduced on the skin - it is hard to tell. Similarly with the edge of the hair (although that may be limited depth of focus).



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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            If anything, I'd say that Clarity has been pushed a wee bit in ACR, but you wouldn't get away with that with an older person.  Unless you masked two layers together with the skin texture smoothed with negative clarity, and the rest with positive clarity.


            But like Dave has said, it is well lit using two light sources

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