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    Photoshop sucks more and more with every update.

    trish r Level 1

      This recent update to photoshop is ruining my life,  I hate being on this creative cloud.  I realize updates are good, but not particuarlily for what I do.  I feel like I"m learning all over again.  Work is taking twice as long.  Brushes don't work the way they used to.  Artboards.  stupid window opens and keeps opening even after I changed preferences.  I'm so annoyed.  No specific question but wondering if it's just me.

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          Benjamin Root Level 6

          Which version are you accustomed to? You can go back as far as CC 2013. with your subscription. In fact, you can have all of the versions installed on your computer if you'd like. Only one can be actually open, of course.


          To roll back to a previous version:

          Previous Version 1.jpg

          Previous Version 2.jpg

          Previous Version 3.jpg

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            trish r Level 1

            thank you for this. I'm sorry for my late reply.  I left to go fight with it and didn't come back.  I'm not a regular and forgot.  I don't want to revert to an old probram.  I like the new features Photoshop rolls out, but I hatre these crazy bew default iinterfaces like artboards.  I can't delete them, can't ungroup them.  Nlow all of my fonts are messed up.  Trying to use a Google font, Montserrat and it's all wrong.  For one font choice, it gives me thei choice of 3 different versions of it.  I don't mean bold and italics, but Latin, etc etc.   It's driving me nuts!  I do what I do in PS and I don't do  much more and i feel like every time I open it up after an update, I'm wasting tons of time re-learning. So annoying.

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              kellys23482843 Level 1

              You're not alone. Photoshop has been absolute cr*p i n the last year. My productivity has sunk to an all time low. Changing preferences has only temporarily fixed the issue, after a few weeks it's back to lagging for me.

              I have been spending more time on support than actual work in recent months and I keep asking myself each month what I'm paying for when it doesn't actually work properly. It's no longer becoming tenable nor is it worth the extortionate price tag and so I'm gradually making the switch to Sketch because not only is it cheaper but it works.


              Good luck and I hope you can find a reasonable replacement. Adobe products are starting to be a total let down for me.

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                Sharpe D User Group Manager

                It is horrible. How about drop Photoshop and bring back Fireworks. Fireworks was working fine for me until I updated to beta Mac OS 10.13. The update to Mac OS made the color palettes in Fireworks unusable.


                I could create editable shapes and paths to convert to shapes in seconds in Fireworks. The same tasks tasks requires Illustrator, Photoshop and 10-20 minutes or more depending on difficulty.

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                  mattd73217833 Level 1

                  Thank god you can back date - because I agree with Trish - these updates are ruining professional lives. It's like you're complteley clueless. You're changing things that don't need changing - it's like you're dumbing it down.


                  Are you trying to make photoshop a piece of ****?


                  Is this some kind of weird corporate agenda you have - piss off all the professionals?


                  I'm flabbergasted to be honest - definitely turning auto update off, and reverting.


                  Really pissed off right now I even have to think about this.


                  SO PISSED OFF (yes I really want you to get the point)

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                    wlink66c Level 1

                    I hope they get the message. Stop changing the GUI/interface!

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                      Karen S. Garvin

                      Oh, geez. I just updated to the most recent version and tried to make the simplest thing. A blue background with logo art on it and one line of type. Then I added a box on a new layer to cover up a part of the logo. The part I covered was kept, the rest got deleted. WTF??????


                      The ONLY change I want to see to the GUI is to be able to keep the high resolution on my monitor but make the font on the menus something a bit larger than 4 point-type. I don't want excuses why they can't do this. Figure it out. And fix the slow-as-molasses-on-the-planet-Neptune speed issue. I had programs running on an IBM-PC with the original 8088 processor that ran faster than this program.