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    easier way to switch between redaction overlay codes?


      We use redaction overlay codes (in Acrobat XI and DC) and need to be able to easily switch between the codes and make them default to do several of the same kind in sequence. The only way I see to switch in between is to first mark for redaction, right click on the marked area, select the code and make properties default. To switch I have to mark for redaction, right click, unselect the currently default code, select the code I now want and make those properties default. Or individually select for each mark for redaction. Is there an easier way?


      Also, is there a way to see what redaction preferences are default without marking first? We use search and redaction, but without knowing what code is currently set to deafult, I have to mark something first to see what the default is currently set to so it will apply the correct redaction code after searching and redacting. Seems very cumbersome.