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    Giving web developer access to my TypeKit ?


      Hello -


      I'm a designer with a CC subscription.  I've chosen a TypeKit font for use on my company website - but I'm having a more experienced web design/developer handle the build.  How can I grant access to the particular TypeKit  so that 'developer guy' can design and then hand to me ?   I would, of course, be maintaining the licensing afterwards - through my CC subscription.


      How does this work ?    Does it work ?





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          Liz, Typekit Support Adobe Employee

          Hi Josh,


          It isn't possible to grant another person access to your Typekit account; your subscription is only accessible by signing in with your own Adobe ID email address and password.


          You can get the font requirements from the developer and set up the kit yourself, however, then send your development team the two lines of Typekit JavaScript that they will include in the website. This help page shows how to select the font you'd like to use and create your kit:




          The "Typekit embed code" is the JavaScript that your developer will need to add the fonts to your website.


          I hope that this helps; let me know if you have any other questions.

          -- liz