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    Premiere Elements 13: CPU overheating when saving video

    jklwcnflkasdjfnasjkf Level 1

      I have an all-in-one PC with i5, built-in Intel graphics, Windows 7.


      I created a video that is about 8 minutes long. Before saving it as an MP4 with 852x480 pixels, I clicked the render button. Still, when the saving process reaches about 44%, the internal fan starts to go wild and sounds like a vacuum cleaner. There's so much hot air coming out of the computer, that I have to click abort because I fear my computer might break.


      Is there anything I can do so that the CPU won't overheat? I can only think of the pre-rendering function. Maybe change Premiere Elements to a lower CPU priority in the task manager?

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          The CPU will not overheat if the fan comes on to keep it cool enough.  That's why it is there.  If video rendering is working right, the CPU should get warm enough to trigger the fans.  


          Further, if an Intel CPU does overheat, it will slow down.  If that doesn't work, it will shut down.  So, if the vents are clear and the fan is running, all is normal. 


          Unless the computer has been in a dirty environment and full of dust, you are OK.