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    Publish Online Problems CC 2017

    Gavin Dell

      Hi all,


      I have been using Mac version of InDesign for the last two years and have recently started to use the Publish Online feature - which up until now has worked superbly for me. Where I have hit a problem is in a full bleed A4 catalog I have been working on: I can use Publish Online to publish 30 pages from any segment of the catalog, but cannot publish any more than 30 pages.


      When publishing 30 or fewer pages, the usual process works successfully: Input form appears capturing details (I leave them as default except for setting the page range as 1-30), followed by preparing the document for online publishing (dialog box with progress bar), and shortly thereafter another window showing the upload progress which completes successfully.


      When attempting to publish 31 pages, the process is missing the last "upload" step. This window never appears and I have actually even left the Mac overnight to determine if there is simply a delay. The upload window never appears. What I do notice is that the icon on the Publish Online button (top right of the InDesign window) changes from the default "upload" icon, to "refresh" icon. Also in this state, when I close InDesign it crashes without exception.


      What I have tried:


      1. Running InDesign alone with no other applications.

      2. Trashing and regenerating preferences.

      3. Deleting the caches.

      4. Exporting the file to IDML and re-importing (eliminating the possibiliy of file corruption).


      None of the above has made a difference, so I now need some expert help. How do I resolve this?


      Environment Details:


      OS: Mac OS 10.10.5, 16GB RAM, 2.3Ghz i7, 60GB disk free, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512MB

      CC: InDesign Build (2017.0 Release)

      Connectivity: High Speed internet


      Many thanks in advance for your suggestions and time.



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A couple things I can think of:


          (1) Can you upload a different file than the one you're working on?


          (2) Can you isolate a particular page that's causing  problem. The usual method is to divide the file in half and try first one half, then the other half. If one half fails, then divide that in half, to see which half fails. There might be one particular graphic on one page that's causing a failure.

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            Gavin Dell Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            Thank you for your response. To answer your questions:


            (1) Yes, I can upload a different file, but I have not tried a file with that many pages. I will give this a try.

            (2) I have tried to identify a problematic page by exporting segments e.g. I can successfully export pages 1 through 30, pages 31 through 40, and also pages 10 through 40 and these combinations all work successfully. As far as I understood it, this means that I have checked all pages, but of course I have to admit I do not understand the InDesign Publish Online subtleties. I will try your suggestion and see if this exposes a problematic page.


            Kind regards,


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              Gavin Dell Level 1

              Hi Steve,


              Ok, I have tried to use the Publish Online functionality with a copy of the file with most of the content removed. This works in that I can publish the full 40 pages - the "upload progress" dialog box appears and the process completes.


              I have also attempted to export the original file in two halves, and I can do this for either segment, which I think indicates that there is no file corruption. However, just to be sure, I created a new document and dragged across the pages (as per an Adobe support article). Once this was complete, I set out to achieve my goal of publishing the whole (new) document online, (i.e. all 40 pages) however this has exactly the same result as the problem outlined above i.e. no "upload progress" dialogue and InDesign crashed when I quit it.


              Any other thoughts? Seems like a software defect to me.


              Kind regards,


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                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I have no other suggestions. You may be pushing against the limits of the software. You can post a bug report or suggestions here:


                Feature Requests/Bug Reports