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    Storage space used by pictures




      I found that with the photographer subscription you get 2GB's of storage.

      How should I see the usage off this disk space? How many pictures could I have in lightroom for which the content is synced.

      If the entire picture size is counted that would be less then 100 and would make the sync option not useable.


      Thank you for your help.


      Kind regards


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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That all depends on the filesize of each image in your Creative Cloud folder.  I use my computer operating system's file manager to view file sizes.




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            stevev35405672 Level 1

            I only shoot raw on a Canon 5DII that means about 25MB/picture. So if it syncs all the image and not just metadata it is useless for me. I have more then 1,5TB of pictures. Metadata and small jpg to identify the file would be under the 2GB but if it really syncs the complete image it's not useful for photographers only for people snapping pictures with their phones.

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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I work with heavy PSD project files from Photoshop.  I DO NOT put them ALL in my Creative Cloud folder.  I'm very selective about what goes there.


              I use my Creative Cloud space to collaborate with colleagues or when I need to sync files and access them from other devices. 


              If I'm putting stuff on Behance or Adobe Portfolio, it's all  optimized for the web beforehand.  So my JPG images are never more than about 100 KB.


              It goes without saying, your CC space is no substitute for bonafide offline backup systems like Backblaze or Dropbox.   It's more of a collaborating tool.




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                stevev35405672 Level 1

                Ok that is your way of working, but if they advertise syncing your images. There should be a way to sync images. It is in a photography subscription. A 100K web file is a finished image not one that still needs editing.

                I have offline backup that is not what I am looking for. It would not be that hard to create a sync that only uploads edited files or even the changes.

                I am not looking for collaborating but syncing my images over 2 computers that is what they promote in the user license.

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Lightroom doesn't upload the full-sized PSD or raw or any kind of file. It uploads a reduced size copy of the image. For instance, I just downloaded an image that is synchronized from Lightroom.adobe.com. The original file on my computer is a 24 megapixel raw file. About 27 MB. But the JPEG file that I downloaded from the web was only 900 KB. I don't know of any way of monitoring how much of your mobile space has been used. But it seems that you could synchronize  a good number of images before you approach the 2 GB limit.

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                    stevev35405672 Level 1

                    There is a topic here that shows how you can see how much space you are using.

                    Guess I will just get a trial and try it out.


                    I have another question, not sure I should start a new topic of not. But let's say I connect 2 computers with lightroom to a network drive if I edit a picture on one computer would it show on the other or should I do an update folder. I know before cc we had to do this.

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                      JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      All adjustments  in Lightroom are stored in the catalog, not in the image file itself. And the catalog must be on a local drive. the catalog cannot be on a network drive. So changes made on one computer  will not automatically be shown on the other. Some people try to use Dropbox for their catalog and they  report success.  But you have to make sure  one computer  completely synchronizes the update  before you try to access  the catalog on the other computer. It's very easy to corrupt the catalog. The best way is to  have the catalog and images on an external hard drive that you can switch from one computer to the other.

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                        stevev35405672 Level 1

                        Thanks everyone for answering and helping out.

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                          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          You could put all of your images  on the network drive and  put your catalog on an external hard drive that you switch between computers. It would be a good idea  if the network drive has the same name  on both computers.

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                            Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            I may have missed this in the discussion, but there are some important distinctions to be made here that aren't obvious. The amount advertised for Creative Cloud storage is not affected by Lightroom syncing. They're two different data buckets.


                            First, from Common questions about Lightroom for mobile and Lightroom for Apple TV (Adobe help document):

                            Does syncing images to Lightroom for mobile use a portion of the cloud storage I get with my Creative Cloud membership?

                            No, the images synced with Lightroom for mobile are not counted as part of your cloud storage.

                            So the cloud storage amount you get with a Creative Cloud membership is not used by or affected by Lightroom directly. Creative Cloud storage is a Dropbox-like service with a couple of Adobe-specific enhancements that help creative workflows in ways Dropbox can't do, such as being able to view and extract individual layers from a Photoshop document while in a web browser. If you want more of this space you have to pay for it, but since it isn't used by Lightroom, Lightroom users gain nothing by paying for more of this space.


                            OK, so if Lightroom Mobile/Web is a separate service, how much can you sync up to it? That is answered by the next question down in the document linked above:

                            How many photos and videos can I sync across my devices using Lightroom?

                            We currently do not limit the number of photos and videos you sync in Lightroom.

                            Why does Adobe give away unlimited Lightroom cloud sync space for free? Right now there is no point in uploading, say, 4TB of Lightroom images to the cloud because you don't have a phone or tablet with the capacity to hold all of those files, and you can't sync down to another copy of desktop Lightroom. So at this point it's self-limited by the current capacity of mobile devices.


                            As for what gets synced, in the past the answer was that only Smart Previews of your Lightroom desktop images get synced. This has changed since it recently became possible to import or capture raw or DNG files into the Lightroom Mobile app, and import raw files directly into Lightroom Web (drag and drop into a browser window). If you use those features, you are importing original raw files into Lightroom Mobile and they get synced over to Lightroom desktop.


                            But using Lightroom sync alone, there is no way to sync two desktop/laptop computers. The closest you can get is to run desktop Lightroom on one computer and Lightroom Web on another.

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                              selondon Adobe Community Professional

                              Conrad is correct. The cloud storage that Lightroom uses isn't the same as the Creative Cloud storage.


                              I'm just a hobbyist photographer and have been uploading many GBs of high res JPEGs through Lightroom Web (which then Sync back to Lightroom Desktop and Mobile) since Adobe Revel closed last year.