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    Adding fonts to InDesign doc


      Hi, I just created an InDesign document on a PC. I used Century and Imprint Shadow as the fonts, which seemed to go fine when I exported to a PDF file in order to upload to lulu.com. However, I have to make a couple of edits, and now only have access to a mac, as I have changed locations. When I open my InDesign file on the mac, it says it does not recognize those fonts. I searched Typeset and they only have Century Old Style, not Century, and they don't have Imprint at all.


      I don't want to have to edit the whole document to suit a new font - I have lots of images and chapters, so the spacing is critical to maintain. Lulu offers an Adobe job options file, which I have downloaded, but I don't know how to add it into InDesign so the fonts are available. Can anyone help?


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          jane-e Adobe Community Professional

          Fonts are installed on your computer, not in InDesign directly.


          If you are using Typekit fonts they go with your Adobe ID and are available when you login with your Adobe ID (unless your administrator at work disallows it.


          A .joboptions file is settings for converting to Adobe Acrobat and does not contain fonts. You export to Acrobat and select their joboptions file instead of Prepress or Print or Smallest.


          Your best bet is to go back to the computer where you created the file, and this time Package the file. The fonts will temporily install when you open your document.