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    Photo upload failed, but no error string was returned from Facebook


      Hello, I regularly upload photos and videos to Facebook for work and I usually use the Facebook plugin. Since the update last Thursday (03/16/2017) I can no longer upload. Any attempt results in Lightroom giving the publishing dialogue and holding with no progress for about 30 seconds, then showing the error Photo upload failed, but no error string was returned from Facebook.


      I found some mention of this error online from years ago so I tried some of the solutions. So far I have tried:


      • Re authenticating the Facebook plugin
      • Removing and re installing the Facebook plugin
      • Re installing Lightroom
      • Removing and re adding the Lightroom app in Facebook
      • Re installing Flash
      • Re installing my browser
      • Flushing the DNS


      And I'm out of ideas. At the time of this writing I am three days behind on my Facebook uploads. Strangely enough, when I export the photos to my hard drive and upload with the browser based Facebook image uploader, those also fail. Chrome, Firefox, and Edge all load Facebook fine but cannot upload the photos I exported from Lightroom.


      Does anyone else currently have a problem with the Facebook plugin or have suggestions to fix my problem?