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    Flash - Not reading the actionscript while offline


      Hi everyone smarter than me.


      I have an online calculator which I use offline, here it is uploaded:

      Complete Loan Comparison http://www.bizztools.net/2015/aaaOffline/files/comparisonrate.html

      It works fine online, and it works fine when I just open the swf offline, but when I open the html file offline it doesn't behave properly.

      I think it is having problems with this part as it just goes to the next frame which has a stop action and instead of heading to Scene 1, frame 1.


      This used to work last year so perhaps it's a windows issue? I realise I am using Actionscript 2 andFlash player 8 which is very old.


      var count = 0;

      myDate = new Date();

      month = myDate.getMonth();

      year = myDate.getFullYear();

      if (parseFloat(year)>e_year) {


      } else if (parseFloat(year) == e_year && parseFloat(month)>=e_month) {


      } else {

        gotoAndPlay("Scene 1", 1);



      Any suggestions?