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    Re: Adobe asking to be authorized to upload to my Youtube account?


      I, too, am having problems uploading to any of the three services: Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook.  It gets to 98% on Vimeo and YouTube, at 6 seconds left, and then locks up.  Facebook appeared as though it would be successful, as it processed past the 98% and said it was going to begin the process to finish uploading to Facebook, but failed several times in my "try, try again" approach.  But each time takes at least 3 hours for the slightly over 1 hour City Council meeting I'm dealing with for a news feature video on a digital news service.  Basically, the inability to upload in a timely manner wastes not only my editing time, but the meeting time, and does us out of the news video.  I long for the simpler days of Steve Jobs' iMovie 09!

      I even tried lowering the quality to have less memory involved... down to 3.40 GB on the quality, but when I chose Vimeo, it brought it down to 2.87 GB.  I have posted many of our news feature videos that run more than an hour on Vimeo many times.  What gives with this problem on Adobe Premiere Elements 15?


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