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    "connection error" for Flash Player (Firefox v52) install on Windows 10

    sanfranca1@pacbell.net Level 1

      I've run out of ideas on this.  Trying to install the latest version of Flash Player, since Firefox has disabled the version I had (24 something).  I've uninstalled that version hoping that might help.  But it did not.


      I have Windows 10 (upgraded from Win 7 Home Premium), and the very latest Firefox (52.0.1, a totally fresh, clean install by the way)


      I go to the install page, deselect the option offers, click the "Install Now"  button, save the download, exit Firefox, and then run the downloaded installer.


      I see this:

      It hangs at 4%, then in about 30 seconds, I get this:

      Same result before and after I uninstalled Flash 24.