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    Action to create an editable vector path (live shape)


      I am trying to create an Action to make a rectangle with rounded corners, as a path.


      I draw a rectangle with the rectangle tool, enter the size of the rectangle and the corner radius. This creates a Work Path. Then I start recording the action, select the work path and choose "insert path" from the action menu. The action recorded is not a simple rectangle with simple parameters, but a long list of commands for each anchor point, starting like this:

      To: path component list

      path component

      operation: add



      The problem is, if I play the action, I get a rectangle that is not editable. It is the right size and shape but when I select it with the path selection tool, it doesn't show the properties of the vector shape, only the document properties.


      This was obviously possible with previous versions of PS as I have a number of older actions that do create a rectangle with editable "Live Shape Properties". Is there something I'm not doing right?


      Thanks for any help.




      Edit to say I'm using PS CC 2017.0.1 on a Mac with Sierra 10.12.3