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      Could someone tell me what this code means? (Actionscript 2.0)

      On the maintime I have this code on frame 1
      _root.g_page = 0;
      _root.page = 0;

      then this code is attached to a button
      on (release)
      _root["b" + _root.g_page].gotoAndPlay("s2");
      _root.g_page = 1;
      _root.page = 1;
      _root["b" + _root.g_page].gotoAndStop("s3");

      I am trying to figure out especially what this g_page means. From looking through this template I purchased it appears to be a variable declared from the main time line. However, I get confused when I see...

      _root.g_page = 0;
      _root.page = 0;

      Could someone explain the code above and tell me how "_root.g_page = 0;" and "_root.page = 0;" are related to one another (or if they are related).

      I would appreciate your help!
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          From the code that I see, _root.page seems to be a completely useless variable, but before you think that, you should check inside all your movieclips for any reference to that var, or check the whole timeline.
          Should be there for something if it's from a template you bought...