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    Photoshop CC 2017 file disappears, and photoshop can't save it again as it stays stuck in 0% or 81%.

    TheSonikku Level 1

      The title pretty much says it all. I've already had 2 whole files that took me hours to make simply disappear because of the stupidity of the program. I really, REALLY enjoy using photoshop, but it's WAY too unstable. Seriously. It's really hard to work on a file if not saving it may risk losing it because of the program crashing, and saving it may risk losing it because photoshop may just bug out and decide to make it disappear like a magic trick.


      Both of the files had about a 350 MB or so size, and their resolution was along the lines of 1000x2000. There's no indication of when this happens, it just shows on the top left, right besides the name, that it's stuck in 81%. Stopping the save, and then starting it again only makes it get stuck in 0%. Duplicating the file doesn't work, and exporting all the layers doesn't work. Saving to web also doesn't work.


      While trying to export all the layers to hopefully manage to get something back, photoshop literally constantly crashed my windows explorer. Countless times. I couldn't re-open photoshop either, so I literally had to just wait. about 30 minutes in, with absolutely nothing happening, I had to close the photoshop proccess, since it was slowing the computer to a crawl and not resulting in absolutely anything.


      While the saving is stuck, I can still fully work on the file, create new layers, etc. etc. However, the file simply isn't where it was before, and trying to find it results in absolutely no indications of where it could be whatsoever. I tried searching for hidden files, too, and nothing was there either. The file had about 60 layers, and I've already worked with files with up to 250 layers and not have this problem happen to me.


      My OS is Windows 10 Pro, my RAM size is 8GB and photoshop can use up to 4130 MB of that. CPU is a octo-core AMD cpu.


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