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    Make Media Controller playbar invisible

      I have the following code (imported from Captivate) to view an .flv file:

      if(MediaControllerCreated == undefined) {
      import mx.controls.MediaPlayback;
      createClassObject(MediaPlayback, "controller", getNextHighestDepth(), {autoPlay:true});
      controller.aspectRatio = false;
      controller.autoSize = false;
      controller.setSize(448, 326);
      controller.move(200, 108);
      controller.controllerPolicy = "on";
      controller.setMedia(" http://xxxx.xxx.com/knav/content/FryingBasics_Media/frying.flv", "FLV");

      MediaControllerCreated = true;

      I want to have the playbar control invisible so that only the movie itself shows. How is this done in ActionScript based on the above?