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    Is PRE or Windows resposible for writing region to disc?

    LariosoDog Level 1

      So is setting in Windows for DVD drive making a disc become region 1 or 2?


      Or is PRE country setting for location doing that?


      Any difference if ISO image burned with other software or PRE writing direct?

      Is the image telling a region, kind of.


      In this case it is AVCHD DVD FHD.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements does not write region coding to a DVD or BluRay disc.


          To do that, you'll need to use a professional disc authoring program.

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            LariosoDog Level 1

            Thank you.

            That's a bit strange then, even using DVD RW I got some strange fenomena.


            A blank DVD RW I could burn an AVCHD image with PRE onto it and play it in standalone BD players.

            But if inserting this disc in computer later, Windows destroyed discs - you notice it takes really long before drive speed up and initialize the disc. The usuall 5-10s and you hear drive speed up and then shut down, and Explorer shows media does not happen.

            So it was never usable again, in that computer on another player.

            It destoryed about 20 discs like this without me getting why this is happening.


            Then looking around like crazy, I noticed DVD region was for some reason set to region 1 - not 2 as is normal here.

            I changed this to region 2 - and from then on it all runs fine.

            I can use the same discs and the rest I used over the years while having TV as well.


            So my Sherlock conclusion was that disc was made region 2 on writing, and when windows is initializing using it's setting region 1 - windows gets confused, or something.


            Does anybody has an explanation?

            It really seems something to do with region - so need to know before starting a ticket with Microsoft about a bug or whatever.


            Are DVD RW regional once formatted?

            It would make sense of it all, as a start - but burner software might have something to do with it, don't know.

            I think it writes UDF v2.50 at the same time as content is written, since this is AVCHD.


            If having explorer up showing drives and media when starting burning - you can see a change.

            If already having AVCHD on a disc, it shows a BD icon for disc in Explorer.

            But erasing disc, it changes to DVD RW instead - and this is DVD drive, not burning on BD drive.

            So windows handles it a bit differently if it senses BD image, usually a root with BDMV as I recall.


            I've had computer since 2010, but just used burning CD once or twice befiore, so now doing video this is the first time using it more for burning. OS is Windows 7 Pro, english - not sure if us or international version - but english language. But setting for swedish keyboard, locale etc.