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    Prints from LR 5.7 Suddenly Dull and De-Saturated




      Over the weekend, I encountered a problem with printing from Lightroom 5.7.  The prints were suddenly coming out very dull, desaturated, and somewhat dark.  I've never had issues printing from Lightroom before, and had done some printing via Lightroom just last week that came out fine.  My monitor is properly calibrated.


      I automatically assumed it was an issue with my printer, an Epson P600, but I contacted Epson and we did some tests, and I found out that using Windows Photo Viewer to print alleviates the issue and the prints come out fine again.  Epson wasn't really sure how to fix the issue through Lightroom, as I prefer printing via LR, but suggested re-installing drivers.  I have colour management profile set to "Managed by Printer" as well, and this was never an issue before.


      Unfortunately, in doing all of these tests, one of my cartridges went empty, so I can't verify any further tests for a few hours and so I'm trying to find some solutions online, but I'm finding it hard to come across solutions.  I don't understand how everything worked perfectly between Lightroom and my Epson less than a week ago, while now there are issues.  I'm on LR 5.7 and so I haven't done any updates to the program itself.


      Any solutions would be a great help!


      Breakdown of specs

      Lightroom: 5.7

      OS: Windows 10

      Printer: Epson P600

      Colour Management Settings: Managed by Printer

      Monitor: Properly Calibrated