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    Lightroom CC inconsistent in importing songs from iTunes into Slideshow. Why do I need to copy song OUT of iTunes first... sometimes?

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      Problem summary

      Lightroom CC inconsistent in importing songs from iTunes into LR Slideshow. I find I need SOMETIMES to copy song OUT of iTunes to Desktop when the song in my iTunes library has been MODIFIED later than 2013-10-28. Songs modified before this date can be selected and imported directly from my iTunes Music folders by Lightroom CC into a slideshow.



      iMac 27 inch Mid 2010. macOS Sierra ver 10.12.3. Processor 2.8GHz Intel Core i5. Memory 16 GB.


      Lightroom CC, 2015.9




      I created a small test slideshow in LR CC. I eventually found how to import a song from my iTunes library. GREAT!


      Next, I created a big slideshow. I intended to apply a commentary to the slideshow, selected from my iTunes library. However, LR would not let me highlight the song in the FINDER window whilst searching through my iTunes library. I could see the song file, but it would not select.


      The song (a spoken commentary) had been produced in Garageband and exported in Apple AAC format. I thought AAC might be the problem, so I created an MP3 format, using iTunes CONVERT, having adjusted the Import preferences. No, that was not the solution.


      Eventually, I dragged the song (in all the formats I created: AAC, MP3) to the desktop. Curiously, LR was able to highlight and import the song - in all formats. This is an annoying added step in my workflow. Plus it creates a duplicate file of the music that I don't want to manage.


      Further investigation


      Here's a typical screen shot of the Finder window as presented in Lightroom CC when I intend to import a song from iTunes into a Slideshow. Here I have searched 'Music' and showing music by Beethoven in my iTunes library. Note how some songs IN THE SAME ALBUM are unselectable, whilst other songs are selectable. I have carefully examined the file information for all the songs in the same album. There is no immediate explanation for LR's inconsistency in terms of what LR Slideshow will allow me to select from iTunes.... but wait, there's more!



      Here is what LR Slideshow shows in its Finder after I have exported the (previous unselectable) song, Piano Concerto in B-Flat Major to the desktop. LR  Slideshow is now able to select and import the song. Wierd!?




      Next, I examined more carefully two songs in the same iTunes album, one of which is selectable, the other unselectable in Lightroom Slideshow. Examining using Finder File Info, one difference I note is that both songs were created on 22 October 2012. However an unselectable song indicates it was modified on 19 December 2015, but the LR selectable song was last modified on the same date as its creation, 22 October 2012. Furthermore, I find that ALL songs is my iTunes library that were modified AFTER the date 26 October 2013 (2013-10-26) are unselectable by LR Slideshow. I VAGUELY recall this might have been around the time I activated iTunes Match, but I cannot recall exactly. THINKS: Is iTunes Match doing something strange to make some songs unselectable in Lightroom?




      I have read this thread from an archived LR Discussion from 2009. It seems a bit outdated.




      In conclusion:


      How do I fix LR and/or iTunes so that I can search and import all songs from my iTunes library eg to apply to a LR Slideshow?


      In addition, it would be nice if LR Slideshow showed the length of the song in mm:ss in the Finder (file selector) before importing the song.


      Double posting

      I have also posted this problem statement on Apple Discussions, and Photoshop Family Community. No responses from anyone since posting four weeks ago, Feb 21, 2017.


      Lightroom CC inconsistent in importing songs from iTunes. Why do I need to copy song OUT of iTunes first? (2017, March 20). https://discussions.apple.com/message/31526522#31526522


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