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    Shedding Light


      I submitted the two below images, the top one was rejected due to an "exposure issue," the other one was accepted.  Can anyone shed light as to what the difference is between the two?   Don't they look identical? Is it just me or am I missing something? 


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      Jacqueline Klose (64).jpg

      Jacqueline Klose (65).jpg

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Probably two different people approving them.

          For the record, they both look too dark to me. I mean, I like the moody sky, but there is too much detail lost in the shadows. Have you calibrated your monitor recently? It might be overly bright. (Also, I don't particularly care for the vignette, I can put one in myself very easily if I need one, but having one baked in would make this a lot harder to use in a composite if I needed to.)

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            The fact that these images are similar might be the key to why one was accepted and the other was rejected. Please see the information below pulled from the Adobe Stock Help page titled Reasons for Content Rejection:

            Similar image(s) already submitted


            It can be difficult to narrow down a set of images from a shoot, but don’t submit them all.
            Select only the best photos of the batch and ensure that each one offers its own unique value to a customer. For vector art, we accept up to three color variations of the same image, but for photos we ask that you avoid submitting multiple copies of the same image with different post-processing effects applied, such as changing the image to black and white. Designers prefer to add effects themselves to match their projects.



            Sending multiple copies of identical content can be perceived as image spam, and may result in your account being permanently blocked or closed entirely. 

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            Adobe Contributor Relations