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    How to make time-remapping for the trimmed layer


      Ok. As far as i understand time stretch doesnt work properly if the layer is trimmed, so i probably need to use time remapping but it seems doesnt work for me either.


      So i have a sequence of images imported to AE and i made the layer of it. I trimmed this layer by using Shift Cntrl D and now i want to slow down (so to make twice as longer) only second part of the layer. So what i do is i select this second part , right click on it and go - Time-Time remapping( i tried time stretch but it made my second part of a video jerky for some reason after i rendered it. So when i click time-time-remapping it gives you two diamond keyframes icons, but for some reasonf first diamond jumps at the beginning of the whole composition and not to the beginning of the second part of the layer and i tried to drag this diamond manually to the beginning of second part but the timing goes off. So how i can do all of that step by step please. Thanks