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    Error occurred while sending mail.

    karaptian Level 1

      I’m running Adobe Reader DC v 15.023.20070

      Windows 10

      Outlook 2013 Pro



      When trying to send document via email:


      “An error occurred while sending mail.”


      A screenshot is attached.


      I have updated Adobe and Windows and Office. I have rebooted the computer several times. I have tried running Outlook as administrator. I have disabled all anti span/anti virus software.Screenshot (9).png

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          arvindy Adobe Employee

          Hi karaptian,

          Could you please try the following steps to check if it works-

          -Open Adobe Reader DC app

          -Open Preferences(use ctrl+k) and select "Security (Enhanced)" from the Categories.

          -Un-tick the check-box "Enable Enhanced Security"

          -Click OK to save the changes and then close Adobe Reader DC app.

          -Open any PDF and try to send mail.


          Kindly let us know if it helps.



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            tom arneb16260737 Level 1

            I have the exact same problem with my computer. Just installed Outlook 2016 on my Windows 10 computer.

            Removed Windows Live Mail as it was about time to let that program go. Now I'm stuck with the error message "An error occurred while sending email" in Adobe Reader CS.

            I have uninstalled Office 365 twice, and the same with Acrobat Reader, but the issue persists.

            I have cleaned the registry and also tested with the suggestion above. I have the 32-bit version of Outlook 2016.

            Several hours of testing different suggested fixes from other forums, but nothing helps.

            I also tested with setting the standard windows mail program as standard app, but that also does not solve the issue.

            What to do next??


            Please help!

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              michaelp57780386 Level 1

              I have the same issue,

              brand new Windows 10 laotop

              office 2016

              latest Adobe reader

              Default email is set to Outlook2016

              I can email from Word and Excel OK.

              When trying to send a document via Adobe email icon:


              “An error occurred while sending mail.”

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                tom arneb16260737 Level 1

                Ok, I found a solution which works for me. Since I work alot with pdf documents, this issue forced me to look for other options.

                I removed Adobe Reader and installed Mozilla Foxit Reader instead. It works like a dream.

                Never bothered to test Foxit before, but now I had to, and it works flawlessly. Way faster than Adobe Reader, with better tools, and not to mention the add to email function which works like a charm.

                Good bye Adobe, I won’t miss you!