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    new member...need music help plz

      Hi, Im a comparitive newcomer to the world of Flash, and having great fun creating my first Flash based site. Thing is, I've stumbled across a problem, and Im not sure how to resolve it. Ive read through some of the posts in here, but havent really found an answer to my problem, so here goes with my first post for help :

      I have created a site, using Flash 8 , ad the site has 5 pages to it. On page 3 of the site I am looking to add some music , an MP3 file ( Ive already imported it into my library). OK, thats as far as Ive got . At the moment the music seems to start as soon as the site is opened up in a browser. I dont want this to happen. Only when I open Page 3 of my site do I need this music. ( the music also starts afresh each time I open up one of the 5 pages too, which is driving me nuts.,...lol ) Soooooo...if anyone can shed a little light on this, I'd be very grateful.

      Many thanks ~~ andy whitham ~~