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    problemens update versions flash player


      I have problems with the latest update of Flash Player. The installation hangs at 95%. I have been several times re-download the file. The problem remains. I have a Macbook from Apple. Someone also the same problems? How to solve this problem?

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          Divya_Gupta Adobe Employee



          try the following steps:

          1) uninstall flash completely

          2) restart computer

          3) install newest flash

          4) restart computer


          If you still face the issue please specify the following :

          Is there an error or does the installation just hang at 95% percent? If it returns an error, what is the error?  We'll need the Flash Player installation log files to investigate further.  Please do the following:


          • Review the FAQ Where do I find the Flash Player installation log on the Macintosh?
          • Configure your system to obtain the install.log and FlashPlayerInstallManager.log files
          • Attempt to install Flash Player again.  When the installation hangs (or returns an error), close out of the installation window
          • Upload the install.log file (only the portion related to the Flash Player installation) and the FlashInstallManager.log (entire file) to cloud.acrobat.com/send using the instructions at How to share a document
          • Post the link to the uploaded log files in your reply