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    About data merge and hyperlinks


      Hi! About data merge, is it possible to get the hyperlink (mailto:hi@hello.com) when getting an email address text from .txt?


      I mean, I have an Excel file with a column with email addresses: john.doe@hello.com, mary.doe@hello.com, zoe.doe@hello.com...) and I can make a data merge to populate my inDesign file with these email adresses...but I would like to get the hyperlink associated to every email address, too (mailto: john.doe@hello.com).


      Is it possible?


      Thank you!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't think it's possible by using the Data Merge function itself. But after you have created your InDesign data, you can go to the Hyperlinks panel menu (at least in InDesign CC) and choose Convert URLs to Hyperlinks which uses a Search method to find hyperlinks.

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            hydrosound Level 1

            Thank you very much. I know that feature and it's very helpful but I was also considering another situation: a Column in my database with names and another one with the email asdresses and then display the PDF with the names with the links to the email addresses.


            Thank you very much for your quick answer anyway