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    Strange colour behavior (Same colour, different values)

    dk-studios Level 1


      Hi everyone,


      this is very strange for me and I was wondering if you have an idea as to why.


      I have two Documents. They both have the same settings.

      In document 1 I have a nice red swatch with RGB: 228,4,40. In Hex it is e30327.

      In document 2 I have another red swatch with RGB: 228,4,40. In Hex it is e40428.


      Now I wonder why the Hex does differ, even though the  RGB is the same.

      Strange things continue: If I copy&paste a solid red Frame from document 1 to document 2 I have now two swatches with...

      same RGB, different Hex, which look absolutely identically.


      Following preferences I checked and are identical in both documents:


      Transparency Blend Space: CMYK


      Colour settings


      • Europe General Purpose 3

      Working Spaces

      • RGB: sRGB IEC61966-2.1
      • CMYK: Coated FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2:2004)

      Colour Management Policies

      • RGB: Convert to Working Space
      • CMYK: Convert to Working Space

      Conversion Options

      • Engine: Adobe (ACE)
      • Intent: Relative Colourimetric
      • Use Black Point Compensation: Yes


      Assigned Profiles: current working space


      I even converted both of them to the working space. Still different.

      Colours themselves are simple Process RGB.


      I'm eager to find out what is the cause of this.




      p.s. It is the only colour that behaves this way. other colours have matching RGB and Hex values.