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    Copy and paste is NOT on the exact same position

    Piero Masztalerz



      when I'm copying the content from one Symbol to another, the positions are not the same. How comes? What can I do?


      I've worked lots of hours on an animation and normally I'm saving all the time. THIS time I didn't. What happend: The .fla won't open the next day.

      I also updated that day from Animate 16 to 17.


      I renamed then the  fla in zip, opened it in WinRAR and repaired it. Now I could open the fla, but all of my symbols are gone.

      But I didn't transformed all of my drawings, so the untransformed drawings are still there!  For example: I have one head left and the missing symbols are just some mouthshapes (the symbols are still in the timeline but without content). Now I copy the head, put it in the empty symbol, make some changes, and everything is fine. Good idea, but it doesn't place the copy exactly at the same position.


      If somebody has any idea I would appreciate it!