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    Xeon e5 render and playback optimization for multi-core cpu (14 cores and gtx980 support)

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      Whattup guys? this is my first time in adobe forum,

      I will explain you guys my workflow and see if you guys can help me:


      I took the same project of video (2min and 40s) that I was doing that contained 4k and 1080p120fps from de sony a6300, LUTs adjusment layer, effects like zoom, glitch, slow mo and speed up.


      this is my old editing workhorse:

      core i7 2600, gtx 680, 8gb ram ddr3, ssd.

      the video playback on full quality wanst bad, about 1000 dropped frames

      render time was about 15-16minutes with CUDA acceleration, (CPU would be around 80-100% load, GPU around 4-8%load)



      So I builded a new pc, exclusevely for editing in premiere and after effects:


      new workhorse v1.0:

      xeon e5 2695v3 (14 cores, 2.3ghz); gtx680 ( ordered a new gpu but havent yet arrived), 16gb ram ddr4; ssd for editing.

      So, the playback was totally awesome, was surprised by how much it got better:

      playback at full res dropped only 353frames, much smoother, if I paused and went back it wouldn´t drop frames for that section again.

      but what got a spark back in my eye was that the render time was about the same 15 minutes, no improvment at ALL! So I went to check the levels of usage and the CPU during playback was about 10-40%load, during rendering was only abou 10-20%load, and the GPU during playback was only also 2-8%load(using 1gb of its 2gb vram), and same for rendering. that makes me think that even tho adobe shows "CUDA enabled" for this gpu, it isnt using her so much, almost nothing and the cpu is doing most of the work on playback, also, adobe seams to be really back at supporting the capacity for rendering that my xeon e5 14 core monster has (scored 1711point in cinebecnh r15 while the old i7 only did 490 points) and it is using only 20% of the cpu during rendering. I actually tried other project with more complex players and after effetcs in it and the CUDA failed to wotk during rendering, I had to disable the CUDA in premiere to be able to render the video, that took a long time of about 1 and a half hour.


      SOOOO my new gpu came in, a gtx980, installed her and the drivers, and things changed a lot, it looks like, doesnt feel much, but looks like.


      When I installed the gtx980, first change was that in the project "playback" the full resolution now seemed different, I realized that it was literally "full resolution", the image was just like the original one from the file, without decreasing the quality for playback ( on my older PCs, the full res playback wasnt "just like" the full res file, it was more like a half quality playback), so, on this new real "full res playback" only dropped 353 frames, playback was totally awesome and smooth, If I went back and replayed the part that dropped frames would not drop again, and what I noted was that the usage of the gpu during playback was about 20-40% load (using 2gb of its 4gb vram)and during rendering  it stayed alternating between 10% load and then suddenly 80-90% load, same thing happened for the cpu, wich during rendering was maintaining 40% load (double of what it was before) and took a lot of peaks in 80-100%. with all that said, the more "complex" project with after effetcs and stuff that my old gtx680 could not render, this gpu worked and the render time decreased to 18minutes; altough with the old more simple project, render times still havent changed much, about 13-14minutes.


      So with all this said, i would like you guys an analisys of what happened with me, why the results are so stange, and MOST OF ALL, I would like to know how to unleash full potential of my cpu to get it to work 80-100% load during rendering so I can get super speed renders (is that possible?)and If I can do the same to my gpu and use it 80-100%load (altough I dont think this would change much in render times, but for playback surely will).


      For real guys, how can I optimize my adobe render and playback layout between my setup, with so many strong (2.3ghz) cores, if adobe used it all, or if there was a special config I could use to make adobe use it (think I heard there was a program Linustechtips was using to force adobe to use it all). Anyways, I would like to know the opinion of PC hardware, editing experts and even from adobe, what is their solution for this case.


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