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    Problem with Apple product image file and PS CC 2017


      Apple provides developers with .psd product images (i.e. iPad with a blank screen). The file has smart objects in it. By opening the smart objects you can replace a blank gray screen with an iPad screenshot. If you save that object it then fills in the iPad with your screenshot.


      I've used this flawlessly over the past 2 years using PS CC 2014. I recently upgraded to PS CC 2017 and now when I save the smart objects... a blurry screenshot displays in the iPad. Any help on what could be causing this? Only difference from what I used to do to now is the upgrade to 2017.


      Here are the instructions from apple:

      Select the Apple product image that best fits your layout and open the file in Adobe Photoshop. It can be saved for screen or print use.

      To insert your product screen in the blank screen area, double-click the icon in the “Open to Update Screen” layer (a Smart Object layer). Open the “Replace Contents to Update Screen” nested layer and place the artwork for your app screen in the window. Save it and close the window. Do not alter the locked “Product Image and Shadow” layer. The RGB file can be exported or saved for the web. It can be converted to CMYK color mode and saved in .psd or .tif format for use in print layouts. If you are using the files for printed materials, you must place a screen image in the file that is of sufficiently high resolution (at least four times the screen resolution).




      The original nested layer looks great. Each time I save a nested layer the image quality diminishes slightly. By the time I get to the final product (only two saves to get there), I get a blurry image.


      Below is a .png I made with 2014 and below that is a recent one I made with 2017. I did nothing different between the two. I can't figure out for the life of my why the resolution is worse in the 2017 version.
      Hail iPhone and iPad.pngiphoneipad.PNG