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    Help...Anoying Adobe Flash Player Upgrade Prompt?

    wayne10636 Level 1

      Anyone else having this problem?...while browsing using internet explorer and Window 10 I periodically get this prompt.  Note it does not appear to be from Adobe as it comes from a website www.ayeeckids.org which does not seem to exist when you try to go to it directly.   I have simply been hitting cancel and it goes away for a few days but then comes back.  How do I get this to stop!


      I'm on the latest version of Win 10 and according to Adobe's website am current and up to date.   Thanks for any help you can offer in getting this to stop and helping me remove this if I've been infected by a virus of some kind.


      Thanks, Wayne.



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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Not sure what to do with this post. First of all you are asking in the wrong place. This forum is for FlashHelp which is a help format produced by Adobe's RoboHelp product, in other words it is software used to produce help files.


          Normally problems with Flash itself get moved to the forum for that product but it looks like your problem is not with Flash but something trying to make you download from a website which does not actually exist. If you hover over the link and look bottom left, you will see it is suggesting you will go to that site. However, a Google search does not bring up that site. If it was a real site or a known bad site I would have expected that to come up.


          For that reason, I am not sure what is going on. My concern is that you would be taken to some other site if you followed the link with maybe bad results.


          I think you need to go to a forum that provides general PC advice but meantime I would be wary of clicking any of the options.