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    Setting an expression variable

      Hi, I've created a small piece of Flash for a client which will work as an ad on external sites, with a clickthough link.

      I've been asked to follow some simple instructions to create the link. My Actionscript skills are pretty minimal, though. I need to send it along to another agency, so don't have the luxury of being able to test if it works in situ - I'd appreciate some help.

      The instructions I've been given are:

      "1. Select your button instance in the flash movie
      2. Add mouse event On(release)
      3. add get url command Get URL( )
      4. Set URL to clickTAG (make sure this URL is an expression variable)
      5. Set window target to _blank

      Typical action code
      On (release)
      Get URL (clickTAG, window="_blank")
      End On
      It is essential that the clickTAG variable is set to be an expression"

      Now, I've created a big 'invisible button' over the animation with:
      on(release) {

      Is that correct? Also, please let me know how I set the variable to be an expression, and where that code should go.

      Many thanks in advance, Reg