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    Adobe InDesign CC2015 behave weird

    sebdea Level 1

      Hi there,


      Two MAC Mini computers. One is Early 2009 with 8 GB RAM, SSD 250 GB, OS X 10.10.5. Second Late 2010, 8 GB RM, SSD 250 GB, OS X 10.10.5. I had experienced weird behaviour of Adobe InDesign one or two years ago when Apple released OS X 10.11 El Captain. Back then,  people on this forums said that everything is because of my ancient computer(s). After I reinstalled OS X 10.10, upgraded RAM and adding a SSD instead of a HDD, Adobe InDesign worked PERFECT. Turns that the computers still have something to say. Not that ancient.


      However, all worked perfect until Adobe upgraded to Adobe CC2015. Since then, InDesign is behaving weird. ONLY InDesign. Only some commands that are supposed to be not that ULTRA HIGH COMPLEX.


      When I am editing a text in a text box, no matter the font or the language, sometimes, clicking in the text box and trying to edit text makes InDesign to freeze for several seconds. The rainbow cursor appears for several good seconds. After that I can edit the text. Sometimes it freezes on same text box when I am editing various paragraphs in the same text box. This is happening sometimes in only few text boxes in same document. The rest of the text can be edited without hassle.


      When this issue appears, I noticed that I cannot edit the variables in Paragraph such as Space Before, Space After, or Left Indent, First line Indent or Right Indent, the numbers/variables turned into a grey colour and I cannot edit them manually. However, I can change them using the Up and Down arrows but never by simply adding my desired value. It simply refuses to work and adding any value, when pressing ENTER it is actually changing/deleting the selected paragraph and instead of the text appears my values.


      While the freezing InDesign is happening on some text boxes on different files, the issue with changing variables into PARAGRAPH window is almost happening after I encounter a text box with that error. Then, InDesing behave weird on PARAGRAPH until I close it and reopen it again. Sometimes, I am not 100% sure, it looks like it behaves weird only on some InDesign files. Will investigate it properly.


      Please advise.


      Thank you.