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    License transfer for CS2



      I got a question about licence transfers for Adobe Photoshop CS2. When buying or selling used Adobe Photoshop CS2 BOX does it require licence transferring? Is it still possible to register CS2 serial number to Adobe ID? Thanks a lot for respond.



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          terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe products do require a formal transfer of ownership procedure usually, but it is a debateable point whether you should be selling your copy of CS2 at all as it is non functional and legally therefore you must state the copy is non functional or possibly be accused of fraud. The reality is that with the discontinuation of the activation server for CS2 your program became redundant. Adobe made the 'special' version available for 'existing' customers, as a means of allowing them to continue using the software, but that version has a generic serial and so cannot be registered to a given person. The transfer of ownership procedure is involved and can take 5-6 weeks to complete. It involves not just you providing ID and proof of purchase but the buyer also has to meet a criteria and fill out a form. To be honest it is hard to see who would buy CS2 under these circumstances, particularly as it won't run on a Mac with an Intel processor.

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