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    Switching InDesign back and forth between Arabic and English




      We will soon be getting arabic InDesign documents supplied to us on a semi regular basis.

      I've tested switching InDesign CC 2015 from english north american to arabic using these instructions without any issue.


      Problem is going back. After changing the language back to english north american in the preferences, I do not get the option to install the InDesign app again.

      (I re-installed as english international instead just to get up and running again. This worked OK.)


      After this, I checked to see if I could go back to arabic again, and after again changing the language to arabic in preferences, I still do not get the option to install InDesign again like I did the first time I went through the process.


      If I completely un-install InDesign, then re-install it, I can then go through the original process of changing to to arabic but this is extremely time consuming & un-efficient.


      Just wondering I'm missing something here? Is there an easier way to switch the app back and forth between these languages?