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    Missing Modules, stopped importing

    whitneyspotts Level 1

      I don't even know where to start - I've been trying to fix this problem for almost 3 months now.


      In December I upgraded from my 2013 Macbook Pro to the new 2016 Macbook Pro. When I migrated, there were issues, so I was only able to migrate programs not files. When I then opened Lightroom, all of sudden I was missing modules in the import function - the one I noticed immediately was the module that allows you to rename the files and choose where they are being saved. I did a bunch of online searching and screenshotted to forums, where they pointed out that I am actually missing multiple panels. All i have are the Filehandling and the Apply during Import Modules. I have tried resetting to defaults, I've googled dozens of possible solutions.


      At first I thought I could just work around it, but then the program stopped importing photos from my camera. It would get as far as saying it was importing, and then it would just freeze.


      All of the research I did said that I needed to reinstall the software. It has been reinstalled three times now, and today I purchased and had Lightroom 6 installed, and somehow it retained the SAME problem - it literally looks exactly the same as it did with Lightroom 5. Apparently Adobe does not do any support for LIghtroom 6 (WTF?!) and I'm pretty much ready to throw my computer against the wall. I have a paid assignment that is due, and I am beyond frustrated.


      Someone please please please help me before I completely lose it.