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    Export multiple layer combinations to pdf

    clayd85047281 Level 1

      I need to print (or export, depending on how you look at it) multiple layer combinations to .pdf from Photoshop CC 2015


      Example: Traveling Salesman. Contact info should be specific to branch location and sales person, but they could change often.


      Layer Group1: Branch






      Layer Group 2: Salesperson






      Layer Group 3 is all of the components that make up the rest of the document. I want this group untouched.


      Need a VBScript that will return all permutations of those two top level groups:


      Atlanta, John

      Atlanta, David

      Atlanta Beth

      Atlanta, Lisa

      Dallas John

      Dallas David

      Dallas Beth

      Dallas Lisa

      on an on and on ...


      Of course, if it were only 16 permutations, I would print them manually. But my real world example is 150. And the input info changes. So I need to be able to add/remove a few layers at a time and then generate a new batch of pdf outputs.


      Can anyone help, PLEASE??

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Have you given this a look-see yet?

          Creating data-driven graphics in Photoshop


          If it should not meet your needs (which does not seem unlikely) I would recommend you abandon VB for this task, use JavaScript instead and ask for help/advice over at

          Photoshop Scripting 

          And I am not making a judgement on the validity of VB here it’s just that most of the regulars on that Forum seem to prefer using the platform-independent JS.


          And please provide more details, maybe even a (small) sample file to better illustrate the layer structure and the intended results.

          Do you ultimately need x individual pdfs or one pdf containing all the permutations?

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