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    My LR 6.9 was unistalled by mistake


      Now I can't install it again.  I always had my backup up to date.  I went

      to my account and entered my registration key and I was told it was valid

      but not for the product on my computer.  I had installed the trial when I

      was trying to enter the registration key so is there anything I can do to

      get my paid for stand alone LR back?  I had one answer giving me a link but

      I got the answer I have described above, my ID is valid but .....I am

      really upset about this.


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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you need to download again: Download Photoshop Lightroom

          First install 6.0 base installer and then the 6.9 update.

          If your serial is an upgrade serial you will also need the serial of an older LR version.


          If it does not work, please post the exact word-for-word message that is appearing.

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            You can access Lightroom to install from- Download Photoshop Lightroom

            A Registration Key for Lr6 will allow you to install and run any of version 6 updates (now 6.9).

            As per F.McLion install the "Application Installer" first, then do the update.

            Then you will only need to "Open" (by double-clicking) the Catalog.LRCAT file to have your Library re-appear in Lightroom.


            Your "Backup" is only a copy of your working catalog (and good that you have backups!).  And just like Word Documents, Spreadsheets, Databases, PowerPoint Presentations,  your working catalog file (xxxx.LRCAT)  should still be on your computer if you did not delete it.

            Un-installing the Lightroom Program does NOT delete your catalog file. (Just as un-installing MS-Word does not delete .DOC files)

            If you did also delete the Catalog, then - yes, you will need to extract the copy from the .ZIP file backup, copy it to the usual location (in My Pictures folder?), and Lightroom will open it again.

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              maureenp32348747 Level 1

              I bought Lightroom 5 3 Sept 2014 from Amazon UK   I have the receipt but although I have tried to log on I cannot  I have the key number but not the serial.  I have always maintained the LR back up.  This is very upsetting.  My Adobe ID works but there is nothing registered only a trial CC which I installed hoping that it would accept my key number and now even this tells me that after a few hours it is not valid.  I am asked to buy every time I try to log in but after paying for my stand alone LR5 I definitely do not want to do this.

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                F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Are you talking about LR5 or LR6? In Sept 2014, there was no LR6, so your code from then can not be for LR6.

                If you have a redemption code from Amazon and not a serial, this needs to be converted first before it can be used with LR.

                Serial numbers, redemption codes, and product codes | Student and Teacher editions


                For LR5 serial - if you lost it but it was installed on your current computer:

                You can find the serial # in a file called Lightroom 5.0 Registration.lrreg, which is located in

                C:\Users\[Your username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom

                This is on Windows, I imagine it's something similar on a Mac.


                Do you have the serial for LR6 available, or do you have a subscription?