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    PS CC 2017 different size of the caption in portrait / landscape format - but should remain the same size ???


      Dear professionals, I hope you can help me. I have the following problem - for 1 year I can find no solution: Situation:


      1. I have "tinkered" myself in PS CC 2017 and already before an action - as a batch processing - with which I optimize images, sharpness, frame and among other things put a caption under the picture frame, e.g. Wedding 2017 or similar. This is done with the text tool and a text layer into which I enter the text.


      2. Now the problem: Depending on whether the caption is placed under a portrait format or a cross-format image, the text size is different. If I optimized and inserted the optimal text size for a cross-format image (as the output image) in the action, the font is used much less for the portrait format during batch processing.


      3. Question: Is there a way to set the text in the same size under the raster, as the path or the like. 


      I would be very grateful for any help.

      Thank you very much for your advice.