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    Changing Keyboard shortcuts on Create Cloud Web pages


      Is there a way to change the keyboard shortcuts on the Create Cloud webpage?


      I'm not at my home computer, I'm accessing my photo collection through the web to do some photo culling.  The tablet Lightroom app is well designed for this so you swipe left or right to navigate the filmstrip, swipe up to "pick" a picture, swipe down to "reject" a picture.


      Accessing the collection through the CC webpage is not quite as good.  Arrows left and right navigate but up and down do nothing (I would love it they pick or rejected like the app) instead P=Pick, and X=Reject, just like on the desktop Lightroom program.
      The problem is it's a strain to spread my hands so my pinky is on the X and my thumb is on the P for quickly marking my photo collection.  There should be an option to change the keyboard settings or just make up and down duplicate the actions of P and X.