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    Image Corruption Using Sample SDK_Exporter Plug-In


      Hello.  I recently downloaded the current Windows Premiere Pro 2017 CC.  The problem is that, with UHD video, the output seems to start getting corrupted around 128 frames or so,  By this, I mean parts of different frames are merged into a single frame.  If I reduce the video size from 3840 x 2160 to say 3000 x 1688, I am able to get a greater output of usable frames, but inevitably the corruption sets in at some point.  I am aware that an uncompressed UHD frame requires a lot of memory, although there are no indications I am running out of memory during this process.  Still, this has all the markings of a memory corruption problem.  I have attached a couple of images showing the last good frame and the one following it.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.