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    Will not extract .iso file in .mpeg format...only VOB

    Zane Clair Greene Level 1

      Windows 10, Premiere Elements 14. My objective is to create a forty minute project of stills accompanied with background music and a few effects that can be viewed on most dvd players.


      I have been unable to export my project to a MPEG format from the .ISO.  Selecting the correct params prior to creating the file and executing the procedure results in a .VOB format every time.  I have removed VLM from the programs and the registry but the result is always a VOB disk.  I have checked the setup and preferences and there is no reference to this format.  The VOB format executes on the dvd player although it is jumpy and fuzzy.  The dvd player is a generic GPX D200B.  I have been able to create .M2TS and .AVCH output which are not recognized by the low end machine.  The output discs are Sony DVD-RW.


      Attempting to create the .MPEG directly on the disc instead of an image file reports "invalid name".  This topic has been widely discussed on the forum.


      Has anyone put their finger directly on a solution?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          An ISO file contains navigation files, backup files and VOBs. Why are you trying to get MPEGs from an ISO?


          Why not just use Export & Share to output an MPEG?


          How and why are you trying to get an MPEG from a finished disc?

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            Zane Clair Greene Level 1

            Hi, Steve.  It appears that the PE crew threw me over the side of the ship thinking I could swim.


            My objective was to create a distributable DVD that would run on any player. PE implies that only MPEG files can be created when selecting Export/Disc. The resulting VOB files played but were of poor resolution in spite of setting them to the highest point on the slide bar.


            All I have to go on are the selections and how I understand them  provided within Premiere Elements.  There is little mention of a VOB format in the Adobe Premiere Elements help files which are my primary source of information.  I am primarily a programmer and video is a new venture.


            Export and Share/Disc/DVD indicates that the only allowed format is MPEG with a choice of  resolutions. Consequently I expected to see a file named xxx.mpeg generated from the ISO file.  I can see that there is something left out of the basic instructions which insinuate hat a MPEG format is created by following the selections provided.  No mention of the resulting VOB nor further explanation.


            What, then, is the best format for the disc and how does one get there using PE?  I need a little help in learning to swim.


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              There are many things that can affect the resolution and quality of your DVDs.


              I think you may be making things more complicated than they need to be.


              What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what is the video's format and resoluiton?


              Under the program's Edit menu, what is listed on the Project Settings/General page?


              How are you judging the quality and resolution of your DVD? Where are you watching the DVD and using what software?


              You may want to check out my free 8 part Basic Training for Premiere Elements tutorials. I have many more detailed tutorials as well as a very thorough book on Premiere Elements that is available on Amazon. There's no need to go into this blindly!

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                LariosoDog Level 1

                VOB is the normal container for MPEG-2 for a DVD disc and will play on any DVD player, unless realy, really old ones only playing MPEG-1.


                Mystery in your description is how you get an ISO file, that you have to manage to get on a disc media.

                Files on disc usually does not contain menu and stuff.

                I agree that manual for PRE is a bit confusing at first read - when to make files or disc etc.

                Just burn a DVD directly


                You mention doing DVD from stills, and is what I do a lot too. Timelapses and HDR images and stuff.

                What to consider is how large are those stills in resolution compared to final resolution on video.

                For DVD and PAL format normal video is 720x576 pixels - which most probably is hugely worse resolution compared to stills from camera. Even smartphone cameras are 3000 pixels wide, or more. so there might be 16 pixels that are to be a single pixel in the end.


                So consider doing downsizing of stills first, before entering timeline in PRE.

                And use a smart downsizing algorithm - often called Bicubic which is available Photoshop Elements.

                So do a batch downsizing - but don't know if this is available in Photosthop.

                This algorithm take into account surrounding pixels, about to be removed - and handled in a smart way so contrasting objects look much less grainy than if just removing pixels which creates jagged images.


                I use Stoik Smartresizer for downsizing, which has batch processing, and have many algorithms serving various source material, if nature landscapes which will look better if handled one way and not the other, many details to consider.


                So if not having Photoshop or other graphics with smart resizing algos: Photo and Video editor, converter, media browser, morphing, noise reduction, red eye remove, photo panorama creation, cr…

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                  Zane Clair Greene Level 1

                  Thank you for the assistance.  I am slowly understanding all of this.

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                    Zane Clair Greene Level 1

                    Quick question re. Photoshop Elements.  With a still on the screen does one go to the Edit/Image/Resize and change the "document size" resolution up?  Or, must one work on the length and width?


                    As far as I have gotten the batch modify goes through a few stills and then freezes with an error re. type of document even though they be all JPG.  This is probably overextension of memory usage.



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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      You can resize a whole batch of photos using Process Multiple Files.


                      Or you can resize your files one at a time by opening each and going to Image menu and selecting Resize Image.