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    InDesign 2017 crashing with no error message on startup


      Recently when I open InDesign 2017 either directly or through Creative Cloud desktop, it shows the startup screen and then crashes with no error message before ever opening the program fully.

      Other weird factors include:

      • I can usually (but not always) open InDesign once and use it a single time after a fresh boot of my computer. After I close the program, it will not open again until I restart Windows.
      • The crash is often triggered if I click the mouse when InDesign is loading. It gets further in the process if I don't click (but it will still crash).
      • This has only been happening in the last two weeks or so. It was fine until then.

      I'm running the latest Windows 10 version and everything else is up to date.


      I've tried the basic troubleshooting so far including reinstalling InDesign, reinstalling Creative Cloud AND InDesign together, and deleting my preferences in all these cases. None of this has fixed the problem. Last time this happened (about a week after the CC 2017 release, last year, on a different computer), Adobe tech support told me to uninstall my antivirus software. Since this has happened on other computers with other antivirus programs, I'm not convinced that'd help even if I was desperate enough to go without virus protection (and my office's use policy forbids going without antivirus anyway).