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    How long is the standard wait time after late payment?


      The full monthly fee was deducted from my bank account unexpectedly on the 20th of the month- when the standard billing time is supposed to be a different day of the month. We were late because the money went to feed us. It has been over 24 hours since I was billed and still locked out of the software. I am being propositioned by high-profile strangers online who are trying to force me to do things I am not comfortable with in exchange for the services I paid for when I already consented to give Adobe free advertizing on my Facebook account after a representative prompted me to do so in exchange for access to free services. Not sure how comfortable I am with this treatment. Advertising is costly and I get a ton of traffic so I ought to be paid for this. Willing to do an exchange of services, not willing to put up with harassment when I am sick and exhausted after living through months of terrorism and chemical warfare. It's not cool to ask. Hopefully we can put an end to the nonsense and show some respect for women who work hard for their money. ~C