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    Resizing images to fit margins (batch)?


      Hi there,

      This is my first time using indesign so go easy on me.. I have a PDF (no margins, I cut them out using a 3rd party) I would like to print as an A5 booklet. I set the document first to A5, then put the margins and bleed etc, everything right. I then actually managed to import the PDF file to my booklet, and things are looking nice. However, since my pdf is marginless, after the import the pages will fit to the bleed (the red box). I wanted to know if there's a tool (or a script or whatever) I can use to fit the pages to margin (the purple box) instead. I tried searching the web but found no answers.

      Note: just to reiterate, I edited the PDF previously on a 3rd party (Sejda), and removed the margins, so my document is marignless. That was done on purpose, I thought I could easily re-add them.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated,