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    After Effects installation failed Creative Cloud error 146


      Read the error help on this, still no dice.   I literally do not have that folder in D:\adobeTemp

      I have this jacked up folder in D:\adobeTemp called:




      and in that a bunch of oddly named files.  I got Premier and illustrator to install but AfterEffects and Photoshop (im sure others) give me this error.  No idea what to try next.  Ran Creative Cloud as admin too .. still no dice.



      Exit Code: 146

      -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------

      - 2 fatal error(s), 0 error(s), 1 warnings(s)


      FATAL: Error (Code = 146) executing in command 'MoveFileCommand' for package: 'AdobeCameraRawProfile8.0All', version:

      FATAL: Error occurred in install of package (Name: AdobeCameraRawProfile8.0All Version: Error code: '146'

      WARN: Unable to move file at "D:\adobeTemp\ETR299A.tmp\4\SharedApplicationData\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles\Adobe Standard\Canon EOS 1100D Adobe Standard.dcp" to "C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles\Adobe Standard\Canon EOS 1100D Adobe Standard.dcp" Error 2 The system cannot find the file specified.. Try setting correct permissions to the specified file/folder or parent folder, so that admin has rights to modify it.