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    Digital Sign with a SmartCard



      Hey Folks,


      i try to sign a PDF Dokument with Acrobat Reader XI 11.0.10 and Windows 10

      I open the document, klick Sign with Cert an take a place were I want to sign.

      Than open a DialogBox that ask for my digital ID

      - File

      - Digital Roaming ID

      - Device, that is connect to your PC


      i Choose "Device, that is connect to your PC (threre is an internal Cardreader avalible)


      at this time a Dialog box appears: Acrobat could not find any new digital IDs; If your digital ID is on a hardware token, please make sure it is plugged in and the token interface is properly configured. Contact your system administrator for further assistance


      Why could Acrobat Reader XI 11.0.10 with windows 10 access the SmartCard?


      With Acrobat Reader XI 11.0.10 an Windows 7 it works perfect